UFOs – An Intelligence Gathering and Analysis Problem 01/21/2020

I am glad of all details,….whether they seem to you to be relevant or not.” (Sherlock Holmes, “The Adventure of the Copper Beeches”) (1)

I’ve advocated for some years that UFOs are an intelligence gathering and analysis problem rather than a purely scientific one.  Science should be a subset of the effort.  

We receive clues from a variety of sources in this arena including field investigations, media stories, rumors, folklore, government documents, “whistleblower” testimony, popular entertainment, abductee, experiencer and contactee tales, as well as questioned documents and claims.   It’s available worldwide from a variety of points, but it needs to be evaluated, synthesized and summarized into a coherent assessment.

The UFO issue is too complex to be burdened by rigorous scientific protocols.  Such methods don’t work in the UFO domain because there is little to actually measure and we have no controls over the conditions in which we study the phenomenon.  Until we have such advantages, science should take a back seat in our pursuit of the overall question.

How we feel about our efforts and the progress we make depends directly on how we frame the mystery.  Outlining this puzzle in exclusively scientific terms can stymie forward movement. If we gather all the information that we can and analyze it in systematic, rational ways, progress might be made.

I advocate an approach akin to how intelligence agencies operate.  They gather data and analyze it, but use science only as a tool to help with specific determinations. The point is to figure out what’s really going on, rather than try to “scientifically” prove things.

Modern UFO history has taught us that something is definitely happening.  We need to understand the capabilities and intentions of the UFO culprits, whatever they are.

Given the lack of any substantive confirmation of the UFO reality from authorities, our challenge will be create our own “Estimate of the Situation”. 

It’s a huge mountain to climb, but seventy plus years of history provides enough information for an effort to be made.  It’s up to the UFO community to do it, and it could be a pathway leading to a greater level of confidence. And more confidence is just what we need.

Let us consider that to be our mission….

(1) (Citation) – Chapter 6, The Crashed-Saucer Documents p. 81; from Mysterious Realms by Joe Nickell with John F. Fischer; Prometheus Books

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