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Appeared on the Colorado MUFON Zoom meeting of 01/09/21. Presentation titled “MJ-12, Unanswered Questions“.

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Vallee, Forbidden Science 2, California Hermetica, 1970-1979, to p. 106 (of 547)

Clark, UFO Encyclopedia, Vol. 1 to p. 751 (of 785)

Submitted White Paper, “MJ-12, The Counterintelligence Angle” to the MUFON Journal editor for possible publication.

Progress on White Paper: “MJ-12, Deception and Manipulation”. Pre-draft is approximately 60% complete.

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Completed Vallee, Forbidden Science, Vol. 1

Began Vallee, Forbidden Science  2, California Hermetica, 1970-1979, to p. 58

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Clark, UFO Encyclopedia, Vol. 1, to p. 722

Appeared on Night Dreams Talk Radio, January 1, 2021

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White Paper – Is beginning to take shape as I continue to write the pre-draft.  The provisional title was “MJ-12, The Bennewitz timeline”.  I have shifted the theme to “MJ-12, Deception and Manipulation”, covering several questionable documents and activities during the period of 1977 to 1984. 

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Continued reading:

  • Vallee, Forbidden Science, Vol. 1, to p. 409
  • Clark, UFO Encyclopedia, Vol. 1, to p. 671
  • Moore, Crashed Saucers: Evidence In Search of Proof; MUFON Symposium Proceedings 1985
  • FOCUS newsletters (The Fair Witness Project), to 03/31/1986

Appeared on Fault Lines Radio broadcast on Friday, December 18.

Gave a presentation on the history of the MJ-12 Affair for United MUFON meeting on December 19.

Continued writing pre-draft of upcoming paper, provisionally titled MJ-12:  The Bennewitz Timeline

Provided a quote to Dave Scott of Spaced Out Radio for (his) article on To The Stars Academy (of Dec. 21)

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Reviewed internet article on the Canadian Guardian case (hoax)

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  • Vallee, Forbidden Science, Vol. 1, to p. 396
  • Clark, UFO Encyclopedia, Vol. 1, to p. 654

Began reading Moore, Crashed Saucers: Evidence In Search of Proof; MUFON Symposium Proceedings 1985

Continued reviewing FOCUS newsletters, to 01/31/1986

Reviewed and noted TTSA SEC filings (financials 2015 to 2020)

Continued writing pre-draft of upcoming paper, provisionally titled MJ-12:  The Bennewitz Timeline

Continued reading Intelligence, From Secrets to Policy by Mark M. Lowenthal, Chapter 7, Counterintelligence

Read The 1941 Cape Girardeau Conundrum by researcher Lynda Thompson

Reviewed internet articles in preparation for UFO News Network Sunday panel end-of-year program

Interviewed by Andrew Hall for Dead Hand Radio podcast

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My working goal is to write a series of papers related to the MJ-12 subject.  I posted “MJ-12, The Counterintelligence Angle” on September 10 of this year.  I have been researching my next paper since then. A long time will pass between entries if I only post my papers, so I will be writing weekly updates on what I’m up to short term.  Look for something each week here.

Recent days have included:

  • Beginning writing my next paper on the MJ-12 controversy of the 1980’s.
  • Continuing to review newsletters from the 1980’s.
  • Noted the photo of an object published by the Debrief site. (I am assuming it is a mylar balloon until proven otherwise).
  • Noted a Facebook posting by Diana Pasulka.
  • I continue to read Jaques Vallee’s Forbidden Science Vol. 1 (1960s).
  • Made contact with a key UFO history documentary researcher.
  • Made contact with a prominent person in the UFO field.
  • Reading the “Counterintelligence” chapter in “Intelligence – From Secrets to Policy” by Mark M. Lowenthal.
  • Continuing reading Clark’s UFO Encyclopedia (Second Edition) My ambition is read it cover to cover. So far I’ve read through about 4/5 of the first of two volumes.


The MJ-12 documents were a set of papers that were received in the 1980’s by several UFO researchers.  The documents purported that a top secret group of military officers, scientists and government advisors had been assembled to study the remains of recovered UFOs and their occupants.  The emergence of the MJ-12 issue caused a sensation in the UFO community. Scrutiny of the MJ-12 papers by analysts revealed discrepancies. The debate over the authenticity of the MJ-12 documents divides the UFO community between skeptics and believers and remains a subject of fascination and controversy to this day.

The central question in this paper is to what extent, if any, the MJ-12 documents that circulated in the 1980’s were used as bait to track Soviet spies.

According to Greg Bishop, Richard Doty, and William Moore, UFO groups and individuals were monitored and used as part of a 1980’s counterintelligence operation.  By counterintelligence, we mean the identification, tracking and neutralizing of persons conveying information to foreign intelligence agencies, namely the Soviet GRU and KGB.  

The principal time period covered in this paper is 1979 through 1989.

Greg Bishop is the author of the book Project Beta and has been a friend of William Moore since the 1980’s. (1)  Moore is one of the principal characters in this account. This paper relies heavily on an interview Bishop gave with Paul Kimball in June of 2013 in which he details Moore’s role as a government asset. (2)

That the UFO community was targeted by the CIA is supported by documentary evidence.  Bruce Maccabee, a high profile UFO researcher related that retired CIA employee Ron Pandofi informed him that the Agency was concerned in the 1970’s that Soviet intelligence was interested in exploiting UFO enthusiasts.  This claim is confirmed in a history of the CIA and UFOs by National Reconnaissance Office historian Richard Haines:

“Agency analysts from the Life Science Division of OSI and OSWR officially devoted a small amount of their time to issues relating to UFOs. These included counterintelligence concerns that the Soviets and the KGB were using US citizens and UFO groups to obtain information on sensitive US weapons development programs (such as the Stealth aircraft), the vulnerability of the US air-defense network to penetration by foreign missiles mimicking UFOs, and evidence of Soviet advanced technology associated with UFO sightings.” (3)

The Reagan administration was anti-communist and particularly concerned with Soviet espionage.  During the 1980’s the Cold War with the Soviet Union was still a major policy challenge. Tensions between the United States and Russia were high, and President Ronald Reagan’s priorities included significant resistance to Soviet expansionism.  Russia had a track record of proficiency in espionage since the 1920’s.  Cold war hawks in the U.S were acutely apprehensive of Soviet capabilities in both the military and intelligence realms, and It was within that background that a comprehensive counterintelligence program was envisioned. (4)

As Bishop relates it, the effort was an attempt to find out how many spies were really operating in the United States,  (5)

William Moore was prominent in the UFO field during the 1980’s and 1990’s.  He had been a high school teacher and later became the published co-author of The Philadelphia Experiment and The Roswell Incident.  Moore was knowledgeable in the Russian language, and he became expert in UFO documentary research and in developing contacts within the U.S. defense establishment.  

During the course of his activities in the late 1970’s, Moore became the object of recruitment by the United States Intelligence community.  Moore cooperated with one or more intelligence agencies in that effort.  In his book Project Beta, Bishop quoted Moore’s controller referring to “bringing some moles out of their holes”. (6)

Richard Doty was an Air Force Office of Special Investigations special agent from 1979 through 1989.  He assisted in Moore’s recruitment and acted as liaison with Moore’s controllers.

The agreement was that Moore would report on the activities of UFO groups and individual investigators.  In return, he would receive UFO related documents and information – material that wasn’t publicly available.

As a serious researcher, it was Moore’s intention to get to the bottom of what the U.S. government knew about UFOs. He decided to use the arrangement to delve into the arcane and convoluted intelligence world with the hope of learning the truth. In a presentation at the 1989 MUFON symposium in Las Vegas Nevada, and in his four part “UFOs and the Government” series of articles in the 1989 MUFON UFO Journal and his FOCUS newsletter, he freely admitted to such a relationship.  Interestingly, he never mentioned the Soviet aspect, leaving  the impression that his participation only involved the UFO subject. (7)

Intelligence agencies recruit their “assets” based on particular personality qualities of the individuals that are targeted.  Prospective informers are carefully evaluated in terms of their personal situations and motivations. (8)  In the case of UFO researchers in general and William Moore in particular, “inside information” served as an effective motivator. The most important “inside information” that William Moore received during this period was a film roll containing the MJ-12 documents.

Moore cultivated contacts with persons from military, intelligence and UFO research circles.  As individuals, they were personally interested, and had heard or seen things that impelled them to learn more about the issue. Their level of “inside” knowledge varied.  Bill Moore was impressed enough with their backgrounds to give them bird names such as “Condor”, “Pelican”, “Chickadee” etc. in order to maintain confidentiality during conversations.  This group became known as “The Aviary”.

The most intriguing and mysterious Aviary member’s code name was “Falcon”.  In his book Project Beta, Greg Bishop described Falcon as a high level person within the Defense Intelligence Agency who had been assigned to handle Bill Moore.(9)  The identity of Falcon remained a mystery for some years, until Greg Bishop publicly revealed the name of Harry Rositzke, a retired CIA officer.  Moore admitted Falcon’s name to Bishop around the year 2000. (10)

We are told that Rositzke was brought out of retirement, seemingly to assist with the counterintelligence program.  Rosizke was a specialist in Soviet affairs and had a history of running agents.  (11)

Moore’s knowledge of the Russian language and his UFO contacts in the Soviet Union must have been useful to elements within the intelligence sphere.  He reportedly was given written communications from Russians that he read into the telephone with a presumed U.S. agency at the other end of the line. (12) In an internet interview, Richard Doty stated that Moore assisted in the U.S. successfully bringing a Soviet scientist to the west.  (13)

The decade of the 1980s was associated with the development of stealth technology.  The stealth aircraft F-117a and the B-2 bomber were both built under secrecy, the F-117a Nighthawk being a “black” program.  Both projects required “need-to-know” compartmentation of information for workers.  Although there were leaks during the late 1970s and 1980s, both ventures avoided public disclosure until 1988.  The B-2 program was subject to at least two instances of espionage. (14)

Notably, the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), popularly known as “Star Wars” chronologically overlapped stealth projects during the time period of 1983 through1993. “Star Wars” ostensibly comprised weapons systems capable of intercepting and deactivating  Russian missiles and satellites.  (15)

Ironically, using UFO investigators to track domestic spies wouldn’t seem like the only way to go.  Rather, aircraft and satellite spotting hobbyists and associated clubs would be distincly useful.  Every bit as passionate as UFO enthusiasts, if not more so, airplane and satellite spotters physically travel to locations where they can view their targets.  Such individuals and groups would employ sophisticated technology as well, including radios, scanners, decoders and other hardware.  There were certainly a number of airplane spotting individuals and organizations during the 1980’s era, and visual satellite hobbyists have been active since the late 1950s. A cursory search on the Internet today reveals many such organizations.  (16)

We can only speculate as to what bait was used to recruit aircraft and satellite spotters to be informants for U.S. Intelligence in the 1980’s.

Nevertheless, the scope of such a counterintelligence project could be quite large considering the military industrial complex with its aerospace companies, computer and electronics manufacturers, scientific and engineering communities, and the related sub-contractors.  When viewed this way, the UFO groups would seem to be a small part of the whole scheme.

The Aquarius Teletype was the first document that mentioned MJ-12 and was destined to come into the possession of Paul Bennewitz, a government contractor who lived right outside the confines of Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  A physicist who supplied humidity controls for Navy submarines, Bennewitz was a hard core UFO believer who had been photographing and filming aerial activity at Kirtland as well as monitoring radio and electronic signals from the base.  As a result of government agencies becoming aware of his activities, Bennewitz was subjected to surveillance and manipulation in order to redirect his attention from classified programs at Kirtland.  Moore provided the paper to Bennewitz in person, with the caveat that it had been altered.

According to Richard Doty the Bennewitz investigation involved not only the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, but also the National Security Agency and possibly others.  Doty has stated that a Bennewitz employee had been spotted at the Soviet embassy in Mexico City. (17)

Shrewd and discerning decision makers within intelligence networks probably were aware of what UFO investigators wanted to believe:  that the U.S. government was in possession of recovered UFOs and alien bodies.  We should note that, when an opportunity presents itself, intelligence agencies commonly stuff an information channel with captivating but largely worthless information. In the case of UFO groups and individual believers, such an approach likely served the double purpose of directing UFO investigators away from conventional classified programs, while at the same time providing leads on Soviet spying.  

From our perspective, speculation in the domain of counterintelligence is unavoidable.  But we can surmise certain techniques that may have been employed.  

One method is to create an intriguing document and plant it with a specific group.  It’s origin is noted as it turns up at another location, and a pattern of information flow becomes evident.  

For whatever reasons, the intelligence community wanted to know what was going on with the UFO groups during the 1980s.  Perhaps  they needed to be aware of particular sightings or incidents.  Or they may have wanted to know what chatter was taking place.  This may be a reason that Richard Doty stated that U.S. intelligence employees were tasked with developing “up to four contacts” in the UFO community.  (18) The motivations behind such surveillance remain obscure up to the present time.

Gaining contacts at conferences was standard procedure for Soviet operatives.  KGB and GRU personnel routinely attempted to make approaches at numerous international meetings. (19) From time to time, UFO organizations such as MUFON would invite Russian UFO researchers to speak at symposiums.  Maybe attendees from American military and civilian intelligence branches needed to know if any Russians were present, or if conference attendees mentioned Russian UFO activity?

Linda Howe was a freelance investigative reporter specializing in animal mutilations.  She suspected that such incidents were UFO related. Howe was shown the “Carter Briefing Notes” which were identical or close to that provided to William Moore.  In Moore’s case, he was induced to jump through hoops under cloak and dagger circumstances where he viewed and photographed them in a hotel room.  Howe saw the document at Kirtland Air Force Base under the auspices of Richard Doty.  The “Carter Briefing Notes” listed a number of alleged top secret UFO projects with their code names.  The information contained in that paper later became the source of widespread rumors throughout the UFO community.

The “Eisenhower Briefing Memorandum” and the “Truman Memorandum” were received by Moore’s research associate Jaime Shandera in December 1984 on a roll of 35 millimeter camera film.  Moore, along with Stanton Friedman and Jaime Shandera undertook an extensive investigation in order to determine its authenticity. Moore had not made the documents public by the spring of 1987, when he was alerted that UFO author Timothy Good was about to release them in his forthcoming book Above Top Secret: The Worldwide UFO Cover Up.  Good claimed that he had come into possession of the papers from an intelligence source.  This indicates that Falcon’s agreement to provide inside information to Moore was disingenuous, since Moore’s access to such exciting information was not exclusive.

The “Cutler Twining Memorandum” was retrieved from the National Archives by Moore and Shandera during the summer of 1987.  It was a written instruction to General Nathan Twining concerning an “MJ-12 SSP” (Special Studies Project) meeting at the White House.  Consisting of a single typewritten page, Moore and Shandera were able to find it as a result of several cryptic hints received on postcards over a period of months.

Of all the papers mentioned above, the Eisenhower Briefing Memorandum is the most famous.  It created a flash of media attention in 1987 and a huge sensation in the UFO  community..  The UFO world has not been quite  the same since. 

We are obliged to note that the documents mentioned here are questioned, in that they contain inconsistencies, errors and outright fabrications. With the exception of the Aquarius Teletype and the Carter Briefing Notes, their provenance is unknown, and no one has ever admitted to creating them.

In addition to the appearance of the MJ-12 documents themselves, a spate of rumors afflicted the UFO world.  Paul Bennewitz not only surveilled Kirtland, but also composed his own take on the UFO situation.  Known as “Project Beta”, Bennewitz’ views influenced conspiracy minded and gullible UFO enthusiasts.  Two persons that became actively involved in spreading these rumors were John Lear and William Cooper.  By the end of the 1980s, the UFO community was rife with stories of underground bases, inhumane alien experiments and even an alien invasion. If it was the aim of U.S. intelligence to influence the UFO public in its manipulation of Paul Bennewitz, it succeeded beyond expectations.

Because of the controversial nature of the MJ-12 papers and their suspicious origins, conservative UFO researchers quickly argued they were a hoax. Under scrutiny, a number of objections were raised about the Eisenhower Briefing Memorandum, the Truman Forrestal Memorandum and the Cutler Twining Memorandum.  The group of items comprising Mj-12 related papers throughout this time period are enclosed in Moore’s The MJ-12 Documents, An Analytical Report. (20)

The conventional wisdom among MJ-12 believers is that the government is engaging in a long-term program to acclimate the public to the UFO reality.   Intelligence outfits have a long history of forging documents, and creating documentation such as MJ-12 would be a simple matter. (21)

Although Moore was at first inclined to consider the existence of an MJ-12 committee, he complained of the time, trouble and expense that he had undergone in order to check on the veracity of the information.  He eventually came to the realization that little of it was useful and that he had been played. (22) This points to some kind of intelligence agency manipulation – not only of himself, but of other active participants in the drama and of the larger UFO public.

The period of the 1980’s were just the beginning of a pattern of questioned documents and claims appearing through 2017.  Although a discussion of these items is beyond the scope of this paper, we are left with the question:  If the original MJ-12 set were related to counterintelligence efforts, are the same techniques being used up to the present day?

We are reminded of the games intelligence agencies play in the following reference:

“For example, the published stories about our Star Wars programme were replete with misinformation and forced the Russians to expose their sleeper agents inside the American government by ordering them to make a desperate attempt to find out what the US was doing. But we could not risk exposure of the administration’s role and take the chance of another McCarthy period. So there were no prosecutions. We dried up and eliminated their access and left the spies withering on the vine … Nobody on the Joint Chiefs of Staff ever believed we were going to build Star Wars, but if we could convince the Russians that we could survive a first strike, we win the game.” (23)

UFO researchers like to think that they are being watched.  Although they may have grounds to suspect such, the reasons may be completely different from what they want to believe.

(An audio version of this paper is available at youtu.be/UGViujWgX0I )


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  1. The “Cutler Twining Memo” was discovered by William Moore and Jaime Shandera at the National Archives in July 1985, not 1987.

© Thomas M. Whitmore; All Rights Reserved

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UFOs and Religion 05/25/2020

This message was recently posted on the Spaced Out Radio website.  Thank you Spaced Out Radio for posting this!

The UFO phenomenon has connected with religions in history. Ezekiel’s Wheel and the Hindu Vaimanika Sastra are examples. UFOs have also been associated with cults such as Raelism and Heaven’s Gate.

With UFO social behavior in recent decades, we can discern certain parallels between UFO beliefs and elements of religion. Here are a few:

Aliens – Angels, Messengers
God – The U.S. Government (all knowing and all powerful)
Flying Saucers – Signs and wonders
Scriptures – The MJ documents, crash retrieval literature, declassified government information
Second Coming – Disclosure
Eschatology – Alien landing and takeover
Miracles – Alien healing, telepathy, transfer of consciousness, interstellar travel, materialization and dematerialization
Creation Myth – Alien manipulation of human biology, secrets of the universe
Apostles and Apostolic Succession – MJ-12 members, government insiders, corporate legacies
Gnosis – Inside knowledge of black projects, deep secrecy
Evangelization – Convince the world that UFOs are real, congressional hearings
Relics – Recovered saucers, UFO pieces, bodies
Dreams and Visions – Sightings, experiences
Persecution – Silencing of whistleblowers, ridicule of witnesses
Prophets – (Take your pick!)
Holy Ground, Pilgrimage – Roswell New Mexico, Area 51
Prayer – Channeling
Revelation – “Downloads”

Note: These examples are not meant to debunk UFOs or demean believers, but rather to relate metaphors and inspire thought.


The UFO Coverup? Live! program was aired in October 1988.  Ridiculed with it’s reference to aliens liking Tibetan music and strawberry ice cream, the program nevertheless contained a wealth of important information, whether myth, reality, or a mixture of both.

I have transcribed the verbiage of several of the presenters, including “Falcon”, “Condor” (Robert Collins), Robert Emenegger, Paul Shartle, William Moore, Jaime Shandera and Peter Leone. I have also included a screen-shot of an organization chart of the UFO intelligence structure presented during the program.

The interview questions by host Mike Farrell are not included for the sake of brevity.  The testimonies by the personalities in the program speak for themselves.

The program can be viewed at https://youtu.be/5CzZyrGolA


FALCON- The fact that we are in contact with the extraterrestrials shouldn’t be hidden from the people.

CONDOR – Had some oval shaped eyes, very narrow nose, slit for a mouth, slits for ears, no hair on the head, kind of a bald shaped head.

CONDOR – Project Bluebook was just a very low level effort by the Air Force to collect information on sightings.  It had a very minimal staff of one officer, and NCO, a secretary and a scientist. The interesting and most exciting reports that came into Bluebook were often syphoned off, by moles within the organization. Those reports were pulled out of the files and never returned and just simply sent forward.  The whole effort as far as Bluebook was concerned, was that they tried every way they could to simply dismiss and explain away sightings. They certainly didn’t want unknowns. The effort of Bluebook was to minimize the effects of these reports and to try to explain away as many as they could, and of course it worked, in the fact that it closed down Project Bluebook and terminated the Air Force’s involvement, official Air Force involvement, public involvement with the subject of UFOs.  Of course, we know they carried on with a covert operation after that.

FALCON – The Cash Landrum Incident – The craft that was observed was an alien craft piloted by military aircraft pilots although they had been trained and were somewhat familiar with the craft, they found that the aircraft did not respond to certain controls.  They radioed that they thought the craft was going to crash. Standard procedures for the military in a situation where an aircraft was going to crash – the military in a situation where an aircraft was going to crash – the military would send up search and rescue helicopters.  The helicopters were following the craft. The craft experienced severe problems. It was thought that the craft was going to crash. However, the craft did not crash.

ROBERT EMENEGGER – It was in 1973 when I was vice president of Gray Advertising and I took time out to visit Norton Air Force Base to explore subjects for a television special related to the Defense Department.  While discussing several of the subjects, UFOs came up and Paul here told us about a film of a landing of alient crafts at Holloman Air Force Base, about 3 years earlier.

PAUL SHARTLE – I saw footage of three disc shaped crafts. One of the crafts landed and two of them went away.  It appeared to be in trouble, because it oscillated all the way down to the ground. However, it did land on three pods.  A sliding door opened, the ramp was extended, and out came three aliens. They were human sized, they had odd gray complexions and a pronounced nose. They wore tight fitting jumpsuits, thin headdresses that appeared to be communication devices.  In their hands they held a translator, I was told. The Holloman base commander and other Air Force officers went out to meet them.

EMENEGGER – This film footage sounded very, very special, and we wanted to use it as the ending of our television special.  Although the Pentagon had been very very cooperative all the way, at the last minute the film was confiscated and we lost the whole finale of our show.  But what I saw and heard was enough to convince me that the phenomenon of UFOs is real – very real.

SHARTLE – I was told it was theatrical footage the Air Force had purchased to make a training film.  If it were a theatrical training film, why didn’t I have a record of this? It was my job to keep accurate records of all audio visual purchases.  It was too real. The people who were shooting – Air Force personnel; lucky for us, the day they were shooting they were doing an acceleration test.

WILLIAM MOORE – I got a phone call after appearing on a radio show from a man who said “you’re the only person talking about this subject who seems to know what he is talking about.  He convinced me that he was a government intelligence agent and wanted to begin disseminating some information about UFOs to the public. (The contact being Falcon, TW). I didn’t think I could handle it all alone.  The volume of material I was getting from Falcon was getting rather mind boggling so I got together with Jaime.

JAIME SHANDERA – We joined forces in June of 1982, and Falcon told us about MJ-12.

FALCON – MJ-12 functions as a policy making group reating to extraterrestrial activities and contacts and UFO activities within the United States. They make the policy, obtain Presidential approval, and then field activities implement the policies.

SHANDERA – (The MJ-12 documents, TW) They were mailed to me in a plain brown envelope which contained President Truman’s executive order establishing MJ-12 and the briefing document of President Elect Eisenhower, informing him of the 1947 crash in Roswell New Mexico and the recovery of alien bodies.  Then, there were follow up postcards, picture postcards mailed from New Zealand with puzzles and riddles.

MOORE – The puzzles were clues, for example, “for a stylish look, ship suit land”.  This led us to the National Repository in Suitland Maryland where we discovered the existence of top secret documents, and filed freedom of information act requests which led us further to the Cutler Twining document.

SHANDERA – All our meetings with Falcon were secret.  We always look for a hoax, but within every clue there was always some verifiable fact.

MOORE – Validating MJ-12 was difficult because we couldn’t fin any government agency that would admit publicly that they were aware of MJ-12’s existence.

SHANDERA – After hundreds of hours of research with experts trying to validate the documents, but most important – contact have grown to include Falcon and nine other government agents.  We’ve been able to meet with the, been able to check and verify credentials and it’s clear they are in secret, need-to-know positions. Falcon’s position for example gives him access to the MJ-12 infrastructure.

FALCON – Mj-12 was a group of people within the government. Mj-12 was created by President Truman in the early 50’s and their job was to investigate and keep track of information pertaining to UFOs.  Part of their job was scientific advancements, but their primary purpose was to keep track of the information coming in on UFOs and to analyze the information, both scientifically and in a way that would advance our technology.  There are government officials and elected officials that are (_____) briefed on the existence of the MJ-12 activities. These officials include the president, the vice president as elected officials; the Director of Central Intelligence and the Director of the National Security Agency.  The Mj-12 policy is headquartered at the Naval Observatory in Washington D.C. The United States Navy has primary operational responsibilities of field activities relating to the MJ-12 policies. All information gathered in the field, not necessarily by Navy personnel, is transmitted to the Navy for analysis.


MOORE – Other known government agencies feed information to MJ-12 through a top secret umbrella project known to us as Project Aquarius.

SHANDERA- Mj-12 connects to select individuals in the National Security Council, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the White House intelligence unit, the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency.  The research is conducted, the data is classified and catalogued, all under the umbrella of strictest National Security.

PETER LEONE – I met with a government intelligence agent with a code name of Falcon in 1983 with Jaime and Bill at the time that I was the executive producer of news at the CBS station in Los Angeles.  At the time, we verified as authentic his credentials. And the, again in 1987 we met again with Falcon and again verified his credentials. I’m satisfied at this time that he is who he says he is.

FALCON – The fact that I have proven my identify to you, showed you my credentials to verify my existence within the intelligence community – you also have some of my colleagues who have verified the same information.

FALCON – This book, or it’s called The Bible within the MJ-12 community contains historically everything that occurred from the Truman era up through the three aliens being guests of the United States government – technological data gathered from the aliens, medical history gathered from dead aliens that were found in the desert, autopsy information gathered from dead aliens found in the desert and information obtained from extraterrestrials regarding their social structure and their information pertaining to the universe.  Presently, as of the year 1988, there is one extraterrestrial being. He is a guest of the of the United States Government and he’s remained hidden from public view. The Yellow Book is a book that was exclusively written by the second alient. The book relates to the aliens’ planet, solar system, sunds, the culture and society makeup on the planet, the social structure of the aliens and the aliens’ life among (______). What was most intriguing to me in my experience with the aliens is I believe, an octagon shaped crystal, which when held in the alien’s hand and viewed by a second person, displays pictures.  These pictures can reveal the aliens’ home planet or pictures of Earth many thousands of years ago. He was in the Zeta Reticuli star group.

CONDOR – There has been from what he understands an agreement signed between our U.S. government and the extraterrestrials; and essentially the agreement says that we won’t disclose your existence if you do not interfere in our society, and we allow you to operate from a designated base in the United states.  It’s in the state of Nevada in an area called Area 51, or Dreamland.  

FALCON – The extraterrestrials have complete control of this base which is located in Nevada.  My understanding is that three different aliens of the same species have resided within the United States from 1948 or ‘49 until (the) present day.  The first alien was captured in the New Mexican desert after its craft crashed. The alien was named EBE (pronounced eebah TW) by the government; was kep in captivity for three years.  We learned a great deal of information about the aliens’ race, culture and spacecrafts. The second alien was part of an exchange program. I don’t recall what year that alien visited. The third alien was also part of an exchange program and has been a guest of the United States government since 1982.

FALCON – A creature about three foot four to three foot eight inches tall.  Their eyes are extraordinarily large, almost insect style. Their eyes have a couple of different inner lids.  Their sun is extremely bright, probably three times as bright as our sun. They have just two openings where our nose would be and a small mouth.  They have no teeth as we know it. They have a heart and lung area. Their internal organs are quite simple. They have one organ which does the job our our heart and lungs.  Their digestive system is really simple. Their skin structure is extremely, very elastic skin, and hard, probably hardened from their sun. They have some basic organs. Their brain is more complex than ours. It has several different lobes than ours have.  Their eyes are – where our eyes are controlled by the back of our head, theirs is controlled by the fron of the brain. Their hearing is quite better than ours, almost better than a dog’s. Small areas. Their secual organs are – they have males and females.  Their kidney and bnladder is one organ. They excrete waste. They have another organ which I don’t know if our scientist have determine what it’s for. But they believe it’s to transfer the solid wastes and the liquid wastes. They have hands without thumbs and four fingers without any thumbs.  Their feet are web-like, small web-like.

FALCON – (Their lifespan, TW). It’s approximately 350 to 400 earth years.  It’s my understanding that the aliens have an I.Q of over 200. They have a religion, but it’s a universal religion – they believe in the universe as a supreme being.

FALCON – The aliens enjoy music, all types of music, especially ancient Tibetan style music.  They do eat vegetables, and their favorite dish or snack is ice cream, especially strawberry.

FALCON – I personally feel that this information should be presented to the public.  There is only a small portion of the information that we gathered from the extraterrestrials that should be safeguarded or classified.