Weekly Update, 01/06/21 to 01/12/21

Appeared on the Colorado MUFON Zoom meeting of 01/09/21. Presentation titled “MJ-12, Unanswered Questions“.

Continued Reading:

Vallee, Forbidden Science 2, California Hermetica, 1970-1979, to p. 106 (of 547)

Clark, UFO Encyclopedia, Vol. 1 to p. 751 (of 785)

Submitted White Paper, “MJ-12, The Counterintelligence Angle” to the MUFON Journal editor for possible publication.

Progress on White Paper: “MJ-12, Deception and Manipulation”. Pre-draft is approximately 60% complete.

Weekly Update, 12/29/20 to 01/05/21

Completed Vallee, Forbidden Science, Vol. 1

Began Vallee, Forbidden Science  2, California Hermetica, 1970-1979, to p. 58

Continued Reading:

Clark, UFO Encyclopedia, Vol. 1, to p. 722

Appeared on Night Dreams Talk Radio, January 1, 2021

Appeared on Fault Lines Radio, January 4, 2021

White Paper – Is beginning to take shape as I continue to write the pre-draft.  The provisional title was “MJ-12, The Bennewitz timeline”.  I have shifted the theme to “MJ-12, Deception and Manipulation”, covering several questionable documents and activities during the period of 1977 to 1984.