Weekly Update: 12/08/2020

My working goal is to write a series of papers related to the MJ-12 subject.  I posted “MJ-12, The Counterintelligence Angle” on September 10 of this year.  I have been researching my next paper since then. A long time will pass between entries if I only post my papers, so I will be writing weekly updates on what I’m up to short term.  Look for something each week here.

Recent days have included:

  • Beginning writing my next paper on the MJ-12 controversy of the 1980’s.
  • Continuing to review newsletters from the 1980’s.
  • Noted the photo of an object published by the Debrief site. (I am assuming it is a mylar balloon until proven otherwise).
  • Noted a Facebook posting by Diana Pasulka.
  • I continue to read Jaques Vallee’s Forbidden Science Vol. 1 (1960s).
  • Made contact with a key UFO history documentary researcher.
  • Made contact with a prominent person in the UFO field.
  • Reading the “Counterintelligence” chapter in “Intelligence – From Secrets to Policy” by Mark M. Lowenthal.
  • Continuing reading Clark’s UFO Encyclopedia (Second Edition) My ambition is read it cover to cover. So far I’ve read through about 4/5 of the first of two volumes.

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